underated music

Steve Lacy’s Demo- Steve Lacy


I just found out about Steve Lacy a few months ago through a friend. The first song I heard was C U Girl and loved it. Ryd and Dark Red are also really good. Additionally, I recently found out he is a member of Odd Future which would explain how he is featured on Tyler The Creator’s song, 911/ Mr. Lonely. Another fun fact is that this entire album was made on his phone which is crazy. I can see Steve Lacy producing some serious bangers in the future.



Ctrl – SZA


First off, the album art is dope. Ctrl, an abbreviation of Control was released in July of 2017. This is SZA’s first full-length album since 2014. She says this album was her first time trying to find her own individual sound and she absolutely killed it. You have probably heard her most popular track of the album, Love Galore ft. Travis Scott. Alternative R&B isn’t usually my go to music but I’ve been listening to this album for months non stop. I would definitely say it has a more girly vibe and discussing feminine topics but good music is good music. I was about to name my favorite tracks but I wrote down all 14 because, in my opinion, they are all great it just really depends on your mood. The fact that Ctrl hasn’t gotten much attention baffles me because I think it’s one of the best albums of the year and I’m dying to hear her new stuff.


BROCKHAMPTON & Kevin Abstract

Not an album but Brockhampton is a California-based American hip-hop collective formed in 2015. They released their first mixtape All-American Trash in 2016, their first album Saturation in June 2017, and their second album Saturation II in August 2017. Kevin Abstract is a member and co-founder of Brockhampton and I heard his solo stuff first and liked it so I looked him up and that is how discovered the collective. Kevin Abstract gives me Khalid/ Frank Ocean vibes. I found him a while ago and at that time his song “Empty” had about 400,000 listens. I showed him and the song to my sister because I thought he was really good and was shocked the song wasn’t popular yet.

Anyways she really liked it too and I checked today and the song has over 5 million plays. It’s so cool and one of my favorite things to discover and artist before they become really popular.


Favorites from Brockhampton- Gummy, Sweet, Gold, and Summer




Roy Blair


Another member of Brockhampton collective, I think Roy Blair has a cool sound.

Favorites- Thunder & Cherry Tree




Thank you, Marin Valentine, for sending the song Mine by Bazzi and introducing me to the rest of his music. Deficiently describe his music as it as catchy and relatable.




Winning Streak – Shaboozey


I don’t know why this song isn’t popular yet.


Kweku Collins


You’ve probably heard Lonely Lullabies and or Holla If You Hear Me, both really good tracks.

Other favorites- Lucky Ones, Stupid Rose, Low Rider, Ghost







She is very girly chill pop. I like her music a lot when I’m in the mood.



Harry Styles 


Going to be honest, this album was released in May but I didn’t give it a fair chance until September. Nothing against Harry Styles but I guess I just assumed his music would have a similar sound to One Direction, in which I wasn’t that fond of. But to my surprise I loved his album, it kind of gave me Beatles vibes with the what he did with some of his background vocals and lyrics. Harry also has a cool and unique voice. My favorite tracks are From the Dining Room Table and Carolina.

Flower Boy- Tyler the Creator


I wouldn’t really consider this album as underrated because from what I know it’s pretty popular, however, I do think Tyler the Creator himself is quite underrated, I mean the man does everything, he’s a rapper, record producer, music video director, fashion designer, has his own tv show, created a stop-motion film, co-founder of the collective Odd Future and creates all artwork for the group’s releases as well as designs the group’s clothing and other merchandise. Anyways I haven’t loved his past albums but you have to appreciate his creativity and attitude. Flower Boy is by far is the best album yet.


Other artist to watch

  • Daniel Ceasar
  • Joey Bada$$
  • Asaiah Ziv
  • Masego

“good people”

This past weekend I found myself driving up a mountain in Colorado. Out my left window is a moonlit lake and mountains, to my right an overlook of Fort Collins.

In retrospect, it’s crazy thinking about the events in life and how they guide to certain moments. If one small action or decision was removed you may have never been there at all.

Anyways, we park to go hike; it’s late and fairly dark. The first thing I notice is the sky. Unlike like anything I’ve experienced in Cincinnati, it is unbelievably clear allowing the stars to be completely visible. The temperature is cool but not cold, the air clear and refreshing. It was the best kind of view, one that a photo can’t quite capture. This sounds extremely cheesy but I don’t know how else to describe it, it honestly felt unreal to me.

Spontaneous ventures without the distraction of your phone and being surrounded by nature with of one of your best friends is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. As we sat on the edge of a rock facing towards the lake and mountains and I felt completely at peace. I credit this feeling to the landscape but also to those I was with.

That leads into my intent of this post. The people you surround yourself with are truly life-altering. I’d guess at some point in your life either your parents or somebody has told you, your friends shape your character and experiences whether you want them to or not. So I guess what I am trying to say is find “good people”. Ones that impact you in a way that helps you find your own individual identity. It’s hard, I know, it honestly might be who you least expect or the ones who have been with you all along. It really doesn’t matter who, just strive to have people that can mentally challenge and inspire you, therefore you are constantly learning and maturing. Not only that but someone that makes you feel special and comfortable with who you are.

Most importantly be someone’s “good people”. Everyone is searching for someone to value them for who they are, be that person. Encourage acceptance and practice unconditional love. Give people room to make their own choices without ridicule. Put down your phone and listen to them intently. Speak words out of love; recognize words that root in jealousy and avoid them.

On a more personal level, imagine a Mariemont that didn’t label you based on the division or notability of the college you chose to attend. A school where everyone can take a step back and admire the differences of the people around them. I think that would be a pretty cool place. It all relies on us as students; the things we choose to talk about at lunch, send on group chats and treat those around us. I try, although I am guilty of not always applying this to my life but seeing people who do motivate me to be a better friend, classmate, and daughter. Thank you for sticking with very scatter brain post… I’ve been on a plane for over 5 hours but I hope this impacts you in some positive way or another.

(These aren’t mine picture bc I didn’t have my phone but this was the spot, it was at night though.)

Let’s Get Weird

Humans are amazing.

The human brain is something I will never fully comprehend. How we behave and why we do things fascinates me.

I love talking and meeting people especially from outside of Mariemont. Yes, sometimes it can be uncomfortable but once you get over that it is really interesting, especially if they are an open person. I consider myself an open book. If you sit me down and talk to me I am most likely willing to tell you anything about me that you are curious to know. I think it is because I have a fairly high level of trust in people, which may serve as a character flaw, depending on the situation. However, I also feel like I don’t have much to hide. Not saying I haven’t made mistakes because I have, it’s more that I’m not one to shy away from admitting I am wrong and that is one thing I appreciate about myself.

You may think that sounds conceited if you are even still with me at this point, but I think it’s SO important to recognize and value the things you like about yourself.

We as humans are for sure our biggest critics; all it does for us is make life harder and who wants that. Your self-confidence is something that only you have power and control over and that’s amazing because it can ultimately change your life.

Life Hack: other people are great but don’t depend on their approval or praise for self-assurance, you don’t need it. You yourself they way you were made is different from everyone else and that is your power.

You don’t gain anything from self-loathing and negativity so why do it. I know that is definitely easier said than done and I also did not go into this post expecting to talk about self-confidence but it’s a HUGE subject in high school and it’s REALLY hard.

I’ve noticed in my own life that embracing yourself by finding a passion and speaking your mind brings so much more happiness than trying to fit a mold of the perfect Mariemont student.

What sparked this post was a quote I heard from Johnny Depp that caught my attention while watching one of his interviews. He says, “I am fascinated by people who are considered outsiders, weirdos, or freaks. I find them to be absolutely charming, beautiful, sweet, hypersensitive, hyper-intelligent individuals.” I think the beauty of “weird” people is that they are the ones who embrace individuality. They also aren’t limited to the constraints of societal norms.

Everyone is a little strange in their own way, when society says to dismiss it I say let’s get weird. 

Music as a Muse

I’m am going to use part of my first post to explain my blog title; Muse. A muse is defined as a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. Therefore, I would like my blog to mainly be directed towards writing about my sources of inspiration and what interest me. Furthermore, Music is something that has been a part human culture and my own life since before I can remember.

Just like yourself and the world around you, music is constantly changing and evolving, that is what fascinates me.

Influence from other people has also shaped my music taste. The first person to introduce me to music itself was my dad. He showed me many great artist at a young age, many of which I still love and listen to today, such as; The Beatles, John Mayer, Bob Marley, The Who, U2, and Led Zeppelin.

I think the main aspect of great music is that it isn’t something you “grow out of”. In that way music parallels all forms of art. For example, all exceptional music, fashion, painting, filmography, photography, any type of creativity and design is timeless, meaning it can withstand decades while still holding value.

I probably make at least one playlist a week. As of right now my Spotify account contains about 80 playlists, one for almost every possible mood or event. I recently made one of some songs that I would label as timeless. It ended up mostly being songs from the 90s and older that I still appreciate. I found it hard to choose records from today that I can see holding sustainability. However, I did add a few which included artist such as, Frank Ocean, John Mayer, Kanye West, Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, Tyler the Creator, Lana Del Rey and others that I consider innovators of their time.