I’ve had a journal since 6th grade in which I wrote in religiously. I documented my daily activities, crushes, friend drama, basically anything my 12-year-old self could think of. Around the age 16, my consistent journaling slowed. There was definitely better content for me to document but I never took the time to slow down. After the whirlwind of Freshman and Sophomore year, taking Journalism my Junior year has given me back that precious time to slow down.

Prior to the class I already knew I loved to write and that it was a therapeutic process for me. Although I lacked confidence in my writing ability, it didn’t matter, I was only writing for myself. Taking this class and writing the weekly blogs forced me to creatively collect my thoughts in a coherent post. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and views with others as well as hearing theirs.

As a result of journaling and blogging, I’ve observed my thoughts and values mature through the shifts in my writing subjects and competence. Already when scrolling through past post from this year I cringed a little; but at least in that way I know, I am growing.

I am very thankful for the growth and self-reflection this class has provided me. Journalism has reminded me of the immense value and power found in writing and reflection.  It is something I hope to involve in my future as well as the rest of my life; even if that simply means to keep a journal.


a letter to my freshman self

If I knew then what I know now…


I am not going to tell you exactly what to and what not to do because you won’t listen even when it’s coming from yourself.  Your friends and life look much different than you could ever picture right now. Always keep an open mind. I wish you realized how valuable and special are you. I know right you really don’t feel that and have a pressure to be a certain image. But the right people will like you despite your appearance. It’s hard to believe, I know. The right people might not be the ones you pursue the approval of right now, so keep that in mind.

Your value is not found in acceptance. The world is so much bigger than high school. Everything is so new right now and I know it’s overwhelming. Mom has told you to experience high school slowly and you think she doesn’t understand but shocker she’s right. Don’t wish these years away but the sooner you focus on the big picture and your true purpose in life, the happier you’ll be.

Let go of relationships that didn’t work out. Don’t keep trying for something that is one-sided. That means you need to recognize when the effort to maintain a relationship is only coming from half which can be less obvious than it sounds. Letting go is also easier said than done but better things are coming.

Be a positive presence to others, and always try to build up those that surround you. As Dad would say “be a tank filler not emptier”.

Be genuine, be honest, and don’t be scared to communicate. You know this already but practice it. Respect yourself by knowing your worth and don’t ever sacrifice that in a moment of weakness.

Stop being dishonest with Mom and Dad it gets you absolutely nowhere but lack of trust. Stop thinking you’ll get away with it because you won’t.

Be cautious of who you share things to and get close to. I’m not going to say you’re naive but you like to think the best of people when sometimes it’s simply not the case.

You are about to face a lot of trials and I’m glad to not be in that spot anymore but it will all be ok. Enjoy every second and as long as you kind, genuine and loving don’t listen to what anyone else has to say.


Everyone has their own opinion on tattoos. I personally really enjoy them. I’m not a huge fan of sleeves or large very visible tattoos, however, I think small meaningful ones are fascinating. I’ve been thinking about tattoos for a few years so by the time I am 18 I am positive of what I will want.

The first idea I had for a tattoo, that I still want is 513 printed on the side of my index finger. I would assume you know 513 is the area code for Cincinnati. I was born here and have lived here for the entirety of my childhood. Cincinnati is a place I will always hold dear to my heart and will always be a part of who I am. I love this city even though I don’t plan on staying. So when I turn 18, the beginning of Senior year, I plan on getting it to have a permanent reminder of my family, friends, childhood and my love for the Queen City.

(still deciding if I want white, red, or black ink)

Another tattoo I plan on getting is an equal sign on the front of my pointer finger. Because equality is one of my most important values. Equality of race, gender, age, status, etc. In the future, I plan on starting a nonprofit that is rooted in the idea that all children equally deserve the opportunity to succeed no matter their upbringing. So it’s a value I want permanently visible to myself and to serve as a reminder of my goals.


As of right now, the last tattoo I want is a blackbird. I’m not usually a very superstitious or someone that believes in spirit animals or things of that nature. But throughout my life blackbirds/the song Blackbird by the Beatles is a recurring theme and has become symbolic to me. Here are some of the reasons why:

I don’t have a great memory and don’t remember much of my childhood besides a few things. But one thing I remember vividly is whenever I couldn’t sleep my Nene (my nanny) would play the song Blackbird and I loved it and it made me feel relaxed.

Almost two years ago, when I got in a car accident, I was driving to the hospital with my parents. I could hardly speak through my tears and I don’t really even remember but my parents hold me when I was sobbing in the back seat I asked them to play the song Blackbird and I began to calm down.

A year ago, when I was babysitting the baby would not stop crying and I tried absolutely everything. It was about an hour into this until both the baby and I were in tears; for some weird reason, I then had the idea to play the song Blackbird off my phone. So I did and 30 seconds into the song she stopped crying.

About a week ago, I was really upset about a relationship that I ended and I was hanging out with one of my friends that I recently met,  just trying to take my mind off things. I saw he had a guitar so I asked him to play for me. He started playing the cords of Blackbird.

This is when it really clicked for me what the song meant to me. I somehow always hear it when I need a reminder to just relax and that things will be ok. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

I try not to play the song often and on my own, it’s weird but I like the “magic” of how it comes when I need to hear it. I am religious and I don’t really believe in coincidence so I know that it’s God’s way reminder to me he’s heard me and its ok because I have my trust with Him.

The original meaning and purpose of the song was written about the US Civil Rights movement and the struggle of racial injustice. Even though the Beatles lived in Europe they were inspired by the news and event of Little Rock 9, and wrote the song using “Blackbird” as a symbol of African Americans.  Which just makes me love the song that much more for its amazing and powerful message. I love how it connects to my own personal meaning that good can come from the struggle and hardship doesn’t last.

Others tattoos that I like but probably wouldn’t get:

Kylie Jenners red ink heart tattoo

pretty places

Now that spring is here, and summer around the corner I’ve been at parks a lot more. Cincinnati has some great parks and views. One of my favorite things in the summer is getting food with a friend then eat it at a park during sunset. So here is a list of some of my fav spots (no specific order)

  • Bellevue – Near Clifton, Bellevue is probably one favorite views in Cincinnati. Maybe because I love the city skyline or that have some of my favorite memories there. There is great Pakistan street food on short Vine right by the park that has the best “spicy chicken everything” wrap and it’s only $4. I always make sure to stop there before and have some food and a view. (don’t remember when the restaurant is called but it looks really sketchy but is good).  It’s just a great spot at either day or night and fun to climb on the stone thing to get an even better view.IMG_4233IMG_4257IMG_4259
  • Behind the Rookwood – great eno spot behind what used to be the Rookwood in Mount Adams. It is a really close up city view with is cool.vsco5a6bd46d1f849.jpg
  • Ault Park – pretty sure everyone knows what Ault Park is. It’s nice because it’s close by and has some nice trails too.IMG_4235IMG_4250IMG_4256
  • Alms Park – I love setting up an eno at alms it has the perfect spot at the lookout thingy made out of wood pillars (lol idk what its called)IMG_4254.JPGvsco5a9a156a3194a.jpg
  • Smale Riverfront – downtown along the river, Smale is fun because it has swings and a merry go round.
  • Smale-Park-9609-JMWolfsmale2
  • Rowe Arborium – Off Muchmore Road in Indian Hill, it’s a nice spot to walk and chill. Kinda sad because it’s not really a secret place anymore like it was two years ago but still one of my go-to’s. I actually took this pic when I was there this weekendIMG_4261
  • Larz Anderson Park – In Columbia Tusculum, if you take a right at the light by the Precinct you’ll be nearby this park. It’s a more lowkey spot. I like taking friends here because a lot of people don’t know about it and its kind of hidden.
  • img_20161023_190155.jpg
  • Loveland Bridge – Better in the summer, but it is a fun spot off of the Bike Trail with a lot of interesting Graffiti and bridge to jump off into the river.vsco5a8b52990b733Processed with VSCO with au5 presetProcessed with VSCO with au5 presetHonorable mentions
  • Eden Park
  • Fairfield Park
  • Devou Park

why i don’t do homework

Metaphorically and literally at the end of my day, I have come to realize I only truly care about a few things. Everything in this world, rather you believe in a God or not, is temporary. Therefore all I really need to care for is genuine people, my family, positively impacting others, and happiness. I don’t really have much desire for acquiring money or care if the college I attend sounds prestigious. Because of this mindset, I find it extremely difficult to display effort in high school. In my heart, I know my grades in a way, don’t matter in the grand scheme. I am 17 and have been getting mostly As and Bs my whole life. I know the basic math, English, and science skills to get me through the life I want to live.

For kids like me, I really don’t believe that school is beneficial at this point. I don’t care to be rich and I know that I don’t ever want an office job or answer to a boss. The world tries to tell me that these are just the hoops needed to jump through to reach success. Maybe for someone else’s success, but maybe not for mine. I undoubtedly trust in my God that as long as I’m living for and through Him, I will be satisfied. I truly believe that if I put my best effort towards expanding his kingdom and spreading love and light to other people my life will be spontaneous and fulfilling. That sounds overbearing but I see a way of showing that by just investing, loving, praying, and spending time with people you love. 

Another way I plan to do this is my dream of starting a nonprofit that I talked about in a prior blog post. It really bothers me being told that “I am too young to know what I want to do”. I know what I want right now. Maybe not in the future or the plan for the rest of my life but why can’t I just try now and if it doesn’t work do something else. Sometimes college scares me because I feel like if I put so much focus and effort into one field I’m going to feel stuck. My personality is more of a throw myself in the situation to just learn and improve as I go.

Currently, I am partnering with a Church in Clifton and painting a few murals for them. It’s great because I get to improve my spray painting skills while being able to glorify God and give back to an intercity church. Also, I’m really excited that I now have the opportunity to be an art tutor for students in Lower Price Hill which gives me the ability to connect with these kids that are my age and live only 15 minutes away but have experienced life in a completely different atmosphere that is really eye-opening and inspiring. Connecting this back to the beginning of this post, at this point in my life I would much rather be spending my time running around, going to parks with my friends, getting involved, and giving back to my city rather than sitting in my room dwelling over my complicated physics homework.

This I Believe

I’ve been working on this all week and just decided it will serve the dual purpose as my essay for English and my blog post this week. Sorry, it’s not finished or very fun and interesting.


There is thrill and venture in every sunrise. Every day is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to soak up the lesson to be had in every moment. My parents often refer to me as “wise beyond my years”.  A phrase they explain to me as a blessing and a curse; concerned I’m going to wish away my high school years by always living in a realm outside my peers. As with many things, I see it different. I don’t believe in the correlation between age and wisdom. It is the experience accompanied with age which gives you wisdom. Not that I feel as though I have undergone an immense amount of poignant and difficult life experience, I am very lucky to have been blessed with a financially comfortable childhood. Therefore, it is arguable that a life of privilege lacks depth and struggle. A claim I wouldn’t have debated a year ago. There wasn’t a pivotal event or hardship but I do distinctly recollect this past summer: I met someone who judging solely on my upbringing expected me to display entitled tendencies, lack world experience, and appreciation of culture. Fortunately, I was able to disprove his preconception. However, this stereotype not only made me question myself but what I was surrounded by. I have had this feeling many times before; the constant need to prove that I am not ignorant and or conceited, as a product of my untroubled upbringing in Terrace Park also called “the bubble”. A safe, nurturing, successful bubble. A capsulating, image-driven, pressure-filled, bubble. Which enforces the suffocating expectation and cookie cutter ideal of a pristine Mariemont student. It suffocates creativity, individuality, and appreciation for diversity.  That is an unfair conjecture to make of all the students and staff here because it is simply not true. It is just someone who values those things will be an outcast in this atmosphere. Often feeling out of place at Mariemont it took me awhile to realize that receiving criticism for doing things differently doesn’t always mean you’re doing it wrong.

Criticism is something easily avoidable by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. Letting yourself get caught up in either praise or criticism can be detrimental. Harmful and passive words only reflect poorly and signal insecurity and jealousy in those who are voicing them. Never let hateful words of a person who doesn’t truly know you go to heart. You never completely know all the struggles someone is wrestling with. Especially here, it is hard to comprehend that even in an upper-middle-class suburb, adults and teenagers alike, bare heavy and dark burdens that are completely invisible on the surface. Depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, physical and mental abuse, eating disorders, financial struggle, self-harm, divorce, unemployment, heartbreak, etc. The adversity that can only be seen by investing in people, and digging past that surface level friendship.

Vulnerability with the right people will not only help you form more meaningful relationship but awareness of human instinct, emotion, and motive. These struggles that may be viewed as weakness and vulnerability are difficult to encounter at Mariemont. Not because they don’t exist but because “failure” and pain isn’t “cool” or acceptable in a place where such high achievement is glorified. The Mariemont mantra, “be better” embodies it all. Always push to be a better student, athlete, friend, citizen, daughter, son, etc. Always more, more, more; what you are isn’t enough, be better. I understand that isn’t the intent of the slogan, however, it is the reality. And if we are in reality, then it’s impossible to excel in every field of life, so why is that the expectation.

For the majority of my sophomore year I let that implicit expectation and negative words of others consume me. I was constantly anxious and concerned with my peers conception of me.  I was drowning in denial of my returning eat disorders and pure unhappiness. I let the fact that one boy didn’t want me cause me to view myself as worthless. I struggled to outwardly express my extreme feeling of guilt when I almost killed my two friends in an intense car wreck due to my error. All of which led to a follow up of bad decisions and rebellion.  Even though that was only a year ago, it feels so distant to me.  When writing and discussing those events in which I rarely do, it feel as though I am explaining someone else’s past. Even though it saddens me to recollect on who I was, I don’t regret a second. When reflecting on the last couple years I finally can see clearly why God put certain people and events in my life and lead me to such great friends, future, and happiness that I am experiencing now. As a result, I am extremely grateful for those people and experiences who aided in me discovering my passion for art. Which in many forms has changed my life. It brings me so much joy while helping me comprehend my emotions and providing a medium for my voice. Not only that but it has changed the trajectory of my plans for the future. My life goal/dream is to provide a space for underprivileged kids to gather, create, and enjoy art in a safe environment.  I envision a large warehouse house with white walls ready to be cover in art. Somewhere for inner-city kids to get off the streets or poor family environments and collaborate in a healthy form of self-expression. Also for them to have any kind of art or digital supplies  they need at their fingertips to create what they desire. The idea of learning, self-growth and having a beneficial impact of others is what gets me through my hardship by providing a positive concept to throw my energy and thoughts towards.

Since this epiphany, I have made a strong effort to break the bubble, by immersing myself in people with differentiating perspectives. Experiencing people’s struggle and life situations, that I am blessed not to endure but fortunate to be able to gain knowledge and provide empathy through their hardship. I will never understand what it is like to have a mother with cancer or a father in jail for murder, but I am capable of opening up my eyes and heart to appreciate all I’m given and help others see the beauty to be found in the struggle.

That beauty is the knowledge, strength, self-growth, empathy, and passion. The ideals that shape your beliefs. This I believe.



I believe in the hard conversations, that hurt, that stings the soul. Because shying away from fears will never solve them. Encapsulating insecurities will never offer any restoration. Voice will only carry power when it is carried in honesty. In order to maintain meaningful relations, we must let go of ego and embrace vulnerability with others. Speak up about our feelings, speak out against injustice. History defines for us: action advocates change. “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” – Nora Roberts


Power of passion

An ambitious life driven by passion; is living a life supplied with boundless energy. Passion is humans greatest motivator. Motivation is quentiencal to achieving dreams. I have been diagnosed with ADHD but the second I engage in art my focus is remarkably strong. From my experience, the power of passion medicates better than any prescription drug. Discover what you love; what your energy doesn’t run dry for and you can achieve great things.

After writing that section I searched for a quote to support my belief. I then came across a quote from American philosopher and transcendentalist thinker, Ralph Waldo Emerson. His words almost directly parallel my beliefs but instead interchanging the word passion with enthusiasm. “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Taking Risks

There is a great deal of truth to be found in the adage “no risk no reward”. Whether it is the satisfaction engaging in conversation with someone you’ve never talked to or volunteering in an underprivileged area. Or maybe something bigger like deciding to become an exchange student or backpacking across the country. All of which takes bravery and a little bit of confidence, but life is too short to just be comfortable. A wise man once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. It’s important to challenge yourself by willingly placing yourself into situations you aren’t accustomed to. It can lead to self-growth and even possibly discover a passion.

Free Will

I value the capability to make individual decisions and choose your own path. God gave humans free will, that is why not everything is purely good. I believe God is all powerful but contrary to most Christians I do not believe he has our whole life planned. The bible says we have free will, and having a predetermined life contradicts that conviction. God has the ability to control and force people to follow him but if he were to do so that wouldn’t be faith. When people ask me I explain it as God gave us “democracy” not a “strict dictatorship”; we have the freedom to form our own destiny, whether it is the satisfactory and joyous plan he has laid out for us, or creating a dissatisfying life formed of societies terms, it is completely up to us. I believe that without free will our purpose as humans is nullified.

Overall, after these past seventeen very formative years I will continue to grow and long for wisdom in each day. Hopefully, I will never forget to speak up, take risks, possess passion and value the gift of free will.



This is a collective of this my favorite things and events of the past 2 weeks

T H O U G H T S :

Life is so difficult but people are so strong. It hurts my heart seeing people I love feel so alone and be mistreated. The last couple weeks after watching and hearing people I love to go through hell it’s both inspiring and disheartening. It is times of distress when you find the people who truly care about you and are genuine; which is the beauty that comes from pain. Pouring your heart out to someone takes courage and vulnerability. But also opens you up to immense heartbreak. Watching this experience leaves me wondering if love is worth it. I hope it is and I still believe that you need to know the pain to find the one. Hard times really do make you a better person and more equipped to help others. Growth comes from mistakes. I have also learned 1 or 2 really great friends is better than 50 surface level ones. Also that it is really difficult to find good friends when you’re noting trying to be one yourself.

S O N G S 

  • 03′ Malibu – Marcellus Juvann
  • God’s Plan – Drake
  • La Vie en Rose – Louis Armstrong
  • How You Feel – Huncho Jack
  • I’m So Groovy – Future
  • Hold Me Down – Daniel Caesar
  • BLEACH – Brockhampton

C L O T H I N G 


Thought this would be a cool picture when I was walking to Coffee Emporium to meet Katie and Liz.

Also took this while walking to Coffee Emporium.

Before Snowball in the sunglasses that I both bought and lost that day. :/

Rip and I before ripping up the dance floor.

Some of the art I made this week.

Purple sky at ski club.

winter break

This break felt unreasonably short however, I feel as though I made the most of it. Here are some pictures followed by a song that reminds me of that day with a brief description.

Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset







Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

This day Liz and I got pizza at Goodfellas in OTR and went to Urban Outfitters. Highly suggest Goodfellas and shopping on Main Street in OTR. There are some great shops like RAD and Native One, which are both owned by young people from Cincy which is cool.  I got some clout glasses at urban which didn’t last long bc someone broke them on New Years. Liz and I are in the car so much that we just made a collaborative Spotify playlist that we put on shuffle when we are together which is kind of genius so we both already know we like all the songs that are going to play. That day I remember the song Take Care by Drake coming on and we both got so excited because it’s such a good throwback banger.

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset


This day I remember being really cold but really pretty out because the sunset was gold. I was really happy this day. I remember thinking about the quote “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” I think I knew I was in them. 

Song from that day- FACE by Brockhampton


These pictures are from the last day of break and it makes me sad to look at because I didn’t realize it was my last day until like halfway through that day. There is a frozen pond at clear creek that you can skate on which I thought was kinda scary but it looked cool to watch my friends play hockey. The sunset was really pretty too.

Song from that day – Gap in the Clouds by Yellow Days





These pictures were on Christmas eve I think. My sister and I went to the Old School House and Old Milford and took some pictures until it started raining.

Song of that day – Just Like Heaven by The Cure (me and Mackenzie’s favorite song)


vsco5a3c27365febeProcessed with VSCO with f3 preset

This day I was with my friends and we decided to go to the canals because it was really nice out. It is pretty much a Graffiti Muesuem in Cincinnati. One of my friends I was with is a crazy good artist, currently at an art school in NYC. Just watching his make art is so entertaining, I’m so envious of how he can just throw up an amazing piece so effortlessly.

Song from that day –  Go by Louis the Child

link to music –

I don’t really feel like finding more pictures and there is a lot of things I didn’t get pictures of.  But overall, I had a really great break and I always love this time of year. Being able to see my sister and other friends that came home from college that I don’t get to see all the time anymore is nice but bittersweet.

When reflecting on the last couple years I can look back now and distinctly see why God put certain people and events in my life. I am extremely grateful for those people and experiences even though it may not have been the easiest in the moment. I will always have more to learn and discover about myself, and that is what makes me wake up in a good mood every day (for the most part). Discovering my passion for art in many forms has changed my life. It brings me joy and helps me comprehend and voice my emotions. Not only that but it has changed the trajectory of my plans for the future. My life goal is to provide a space for underprivileged kids to gather, create, and enjoy art in a safe environment.  I envision a large warehouse house with white walls ready to be cover in art. Somewhere for inner-city kids to get off the streets or poor environments and collaborate in a healthy form of self-expression. Also for the to have access to all kinds of art supplies: paint, pens, markers, laptops, instruments, anything they need to create their desires.  






In 2017 it isn’t just the supermodels on runways and in magazines that girls aspire to be but our generation has also created the Instagram model. Are they considered real models or is it even a real job? I guess that’s up to you to decide. But what isn’t up for debate is the impact social media on teen girls body image.

The most well-known Instagram model is probably Alexis Ren racking up over 11 million followers. 95% of her pictures are in bathing suits or minimal clothing. Subconsciously, women constantly compare themselves to other women they see. Many of us including myself are on Instagram or other social media platforms at least once every day.  Women like Alexis Ren who dedicate their life and get paid to maintain a “perfect” Instagram and body are promoting unhealthy body standards for young girls everywhere.

Alexis Ren was active on social media for over 4 years promoting “health and fitness” before finally admitting that she had an eating disorder the entire time of her Instagram fame. Nothing against Ren and her struggles. I am not suggesting that her intent was to promote unhealthy body standards, she was probably a victim of comparison herself. Alexis Ren is just a prime example of the deceitfulness of this app. After bravely admitting to her eating disorder she opened up about the unhealthiness of her relationship with Jay Alvarez. Based on her off of her social media platforms you would assume they had the perfect relationship or were “couples goals”. It just goes to show that what you see on social media really isn’t reality.

It took me awhile to realizes this. It wasn’t till after struggling with an eating disorder my freshman year that I took the time to reflect and figure out what triggered my negative self-image. All through elementary school and junior high, I played sports and not once cared about what I ate. Nor did I ever consider my weight or even cared about what my body looked like.

I would do anything to feel that way again. However, towards the end of my 8th-grade year, around spring break time I was shopping for swimsuits on Triangls Instagram page. I think it was the first time I really questioned my body. I ordered the suits and when trying them on, and looking in the mirror I realized my body looked nothing like their slim and toned figures. I became extremely self-conscious. I felt the need to lose weight and somehow compare to these models.

After that time my desire to be skinny only got worse, and by the summer going into my freshman year, my family and friends started to notice and become concerned. I had lost 20 pounds from my already healthy weight (which I didn’t realize at that time).

I became obsessed with losing weight and counting calories to the point that I would never eat a full meal or completely skip meals. I felt excessive guilt after eating unhealthy foods and let it control my mood. I hated going to dinner with friends and having to make excuses why I wasn’t eating. “I ate before”, “I’m not hungry”, “I forgot money”.  My friends knew that something wasn’t right and luckily they and my family helped me recover and put some weight back on.

Anyways, this post was really not meant me for to use to tell my story and when I starting writing this I didn’t plan on it but it looks like I just did.

I believed in vulnerability and I believe in openness in order to grow.

Part of me feels a little bit of guilt writing towards this topic because I can’t say that I don’t still compare myself to others or feel insecure. However, my point and purpose is to expose and recognize the power of media. Writing this has helped remind me that the comparison to these social media stars is unrealistic because 1. It’s their job 2. Probably aren’t attaining in a healthy way 3. Or are just genetically blessed. Also because of social media’s constant praise for slim bodies, it’s hard for girls to understand that the shape of your body and your relativity to earth based on gravity(weight) doesn’t matter at all. It makes me happy to see brands incorporating models of all sizes but the fashion industry still has a long way to go.

If any boys have stuck with this all the way to this point you probably do not relate, maybe you do, I don’t know. Although I hope that you take from this is a new perspective. I believe a woman’s body is truly art but there’s so so so much more to that women than her body.

I think the men in our generation need to begin to affirm and recognize women’s intellect, depth, passion, creativity, wit, strength, and other mental beauty much much more.

Not only men to women, but women to women, men to men, need to focus on seeing and valuing more than what meets the eye. And that requires actually interacting with people at a deep, meaningful level which is sadly a trait our generation has devalued.

As my blog post tend to do, I have veered from the intended topic. As always, I hope you can take away something positive from this post and I also hope you have a great week! Thank you for taking the time to read this.


It’s the bell before journalism and I remembered I need a blog post so… I don’t know why but when I thought about what to write I tried to think of what I did yesterday. I was with two of my friends who are back from college on break. I don’t know how we got on the topic but someone asked what the biggest land mammal was so then we started talking about elephants, which led to videos of zoo trips gone wrong and about ten minutes later we were watching a youtube video of a guy zip lining from his hair. So I thought I’d share those videos with you. I think everyone can relate to getting sucked into youtube or vine (back in the day) for about an hour until you realize how much time you’ve wasted.

Have a great break!